Two Men Struck Dead by Lightning Bolt in Kratie

Two men were killed by lightning on Monday while standing 10 meters apart after they finished their shift at a rubber plantation in Kratie province’s Snuol district, a police official said Tuesday.

Heang Ranreth, 35, and Chorn Chetra, 25, had worked at the Vietnamese-owned Binh Phuoc II rubber plantation in Khsoem commune for about six months, district police chief Chan Sokhim said.

“The 35-year-old was sitting in front of their shared residence and the 25-year-old had walked to the well to get water, when suddenly at 7 p.m. a bolt of lightning struck them both and killed them,” he said, adding that the company had donated money for the victims’ funerals.

“It’s bad news, but when it’s raining we should stay inside and avoid using electricity so that lightning won’t strike.”

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