Two Men Face Charges for Motorbike Theft

Two young men claiming to be the sons of government officials were arrested in Phnom Penh on Sunday after allegedly stealing one motorbike and attempting to steal a second, police said Monday.

The two were arrested Sunday in Russei Keo district’s Tuol Sangke commune after fleeing from Phnom Penh Thmei commune, where police say they pulled two men from their motorbikes in broad daylight.

Than Lydet, 24, told police that he is the son of a deputy governor in Battambang province, and Ing Lean, 23, said that his father works in the Ministry of Health, Tuol Sangke commune police chief Khat Tarasy said.

Than Lydet, Ing Lean and a third man who is currently at large stop­ped a man riding a motorbike by blocking his path at about 9 am. Than Lydet and Ing Lean pulled the man from his motorbike and attempted to drive the motorbike away, but it stalled. Stranded, Than Lydet and Ing Lean then stopped another driver, pulled him from his motorbike, and drove away.

Than Lydet and Ing Lean both tried to evade police by swimming across Pong Peay Lake, Khat Tarasy said.

“First we arrested Than Lydet, and one hour later we arrested Ing Lean naked, because he [took off his clothes to] swim across the large lake” he said.

Police confirmed that Ing Lean’s father works in the Health Mini­stry, though his position is not high-ranking.

Sann Hak, deputy judicial police chief in Battambang province, said that police are not certain whether Than Lydet’s father is a provincial official.

Than Lydet and Ing Lean are scheduled to appear at Phnom Penh Municipal Court today, said Chey Soseila, Russei Keo district police chief.


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