Two Killed, Three Injured in Wedding Dispute

A melee between guests at a Kompong Cham province wedding party turned deadly Friday night after a pregnant woman was stabb­ed to death and a police officer shot a teenage girl, police said.

The party in Kompong Siem district’s O’Svay commune devolved into chaos after a dispute broke out on the dance floor between friends of the groom and guests of the bride, according to provincial police Chief Nuon Samrin.

In the ensuing scuffle, 24-year-old Sarin Net, who was seven months pregnant, was stabbed in the ab­domen and later died at the district hospital, said district police Chief Pak Cheat.

Deputy commune police Chief Um Seng Hot, who had been hired to provide security at the event, attempted to put a stop to the violent brawl but in the process ended up shooting 15-year-old Mao Chan­thou, Pak Cheat said. The girl died later that evening at the provincial hospital. Three other guests re­ceived serious injuries, including one who was stabbed in the stomach and another who had a finger chopped off.

Pak Cheat said that he was uncertain how the teenage girl had been hit by the officer’s AK-47 fire. But he added that Um Seng Hot, who is currently on the run, had called to the district police and insisted that he had fired into the air in an effort to break up the fight, only to be at­tacked by gang members armed with machetes and axes. No arrests have been made so far, police said.

“Our police are investigating to gather more information from witnesses,” said Nuon Samrin.


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