Two in Court Over Fake Police Uniform, Gun

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court tried two men Tuesday for illegally wearing police uniforms, possessing a fake gun and riding a motorcycle with a fraudulent number plate.

Touch Ravuth, 32, and Sreng Sopheap, 25, who were both arrested in Sen Sok district’s Toek Thla commune on January 4 after being pulled over on Russian Boulevard, are suspected of planning a robbery, Presiding Judge Y Thavrak said.

“You broke the rule of law because you are not a police officer but you were wearing a police uniform and were holding a plastic gun,” said Judge Thavrak.

“It is suspected that you would have committed the crime if police did not arrest you in time.”

Mr. Ravuth told the court that he wore the uniform to his friend’s child’s birthday party “for taking pictures only,” and that he was returning home when he was apprehended.

Mr. Sopheap told the court he was innocent of any crime, as it had been Mr. Ravuth who was wearing the police uniform and holding the plastic gun.

Judge Thavrak said a verdict will be handed down June 4.

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