Two French Nationals Recovering After Shooting

Two French nationals are undergoing treatment at Phnom Penh’s Calmette Hospital after an apparent fight between the two on Wednes­day evening, which left one of the men with a bullet wound in the chest. Officials were unable to reveal on Thursday the identities of the two men, who were wounded at the Elec­tro­lux show rooms on Moni­vong Boule­vard.

Deputy Municipal Police Com­missioner Hy Pro confirmed that one man was shot in the chest and another man was injured in the leg after a dispute at the offices of the household appliance manufacturer.

Hy Pro said that officials from the French Embassy visited him to look in on the case.

“It could be a conflict over a girl,” Hy Pro speculated.

He added that one of the men was the manager of the Electrolux branch.

Calmette Hospital on Thursday de­­clined to reveal the condition of the victims or to give their names.

“My duty is to cure them and not to publicize information,” Heng Taikry, the hospital’s director, said.

Uy Song, deputy police chief of Pram­pi Makara district, referred ques­tions about the incident to the Municipal Foreigner Police Depart­ment. Pheng Phai, bureau chief of the municipal foreigner police, refused to disclose the identities of the men, saying he was afraid he had the wrong names.

“There was only one gun at the scene…I do not know who started it,” he said.

Police will question the two men to determine where the gun came from and to whom it belongs, Pheng Phai said.

Staff at the Electrolux office said they were ordered by local authorities Thursday afternoon to temporarily close the location.

They also declined to reveal their manager’s name.

They said they never saw their boss carry a weapon, and that the injured guest had arrived in the company of two bodyguards who stayed outside.

They said they did not witness the shooting, which took place behind closed doors.


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