Two Boys Killed by Lightning Strike in Prey Veng City

Two boys died and a third was left unconscious on Friday afternoon when lightning struck them on a boat in a flooded rice field in Prey Veng City, police said Sunday.

San Malai, 15, and San Vicheka, 11, were killed instantly while Phy Phalla, 13, was knocked out when lightning struck them as they were fishing at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, said Baray commune police chief Hul Seng.

“The three boys were fishing at the rice field,” he said. “Previously, they had been fine, but this time, they were struck by lightning.”

Prey Veng City police chief Not Bundeoun said the third boy alerted villagers of what had happened after he regained consciousness about 30 minutes after the lightning struck.

“When he became conscious, he thought that his two friends had returned home already, but then he saw they were dead and he ran to tell the villagers, and the villagers informed us,” he said.

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