Two ATMs To Be Installed At Airport

Phnom Penh International Air­port will see its first two Auto­mated Teller Ma­chines installed on Sept 15, the la­test ATM additions by Ca­na­dia Bank to its current eight cash-point out­lets in Phnom Penh linked to in­ter­national banking networks, a bank official said.

A deal between Canadia and air­port management company So­ci­ete Con­cessionaire des Aero­portes al­so allows the bank to in­stall two in­ter­na­tionally linked ATMs at Si­em Reap International Airport, said Yee Con Long, Cana­dia Bank vice president.

The bank’s international ATM service, which allows people holding ac­counts with Visa, Visa Plus, Mas­ter­Card, Maestro and Cirrus to ac­cess their service, was launch­ed Aug 2, he said.

Only ANZ Royal and Canadia currently offer the internationally linked ATM service. ANZ’s service also be­gan in August, a few days after Ca­na­dia’s.

“It costs about $50,000 to install each ATM…[so] for other cities like Bat­­tambang and Sihanouk­ville we are doing a profitability analysis,” Yee Con Long said, adding that since the new service began, Ca­nadia ATMs have had 4,000 international card swipes.

“We mostly do it for mar­ket­ing…the home banks pay us $1 per trans­action,” he said when ask­ed how the bank profits from offering the ATM service.

SCA is also in talks with ANZ Ro­yal about installing their ATMs at the air­port, but no agreement has been reached yet, SCA spokes­man Norin­da Khek said.

ANZ Royal CEO Dean Cleland wrote in an e-mail that ANZ cur­rent­ly has nine ATMs operating in Cam­bo­dia, adding that the bank is seeking non-branch locations for more.

ANZ is seeking to establish an in­ter­­bank payment system locally where customers of one bank could use ATMs of another bank, he said.

A representative of the SBC bank said they also plan to open internationally linked ATMs to compete with Canadia and ANZ. Both Acleda and Maybank said they plan to launch unlinked ATMs.


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