Two Arrested Over Armed Robbery in Poipet

Two men were arrested in Ban­teay Meanchey province’s Poipet City on Wednesday for robbing a gold sel­ler at gunpoint as she drove to a market with her daughter, while a third suspect remains at large, officials said.

The pair had been stalking Soy So­phanna for about 10 days and carried out the robbery around 8 a.m on Wednesday while she was driv­ing to the market with her 11-year-old daughter, according to Ang Kiheng, chief of Poipet commune.

Mr. Kiheng identified the suspects as Yeab Heng, 25, and a man he knew only as “Tho,” 37, who he said briefly trailed the mother and daughter before pulling even and snatching the woman’s bag.

“The robbers drove a Honda Dream to get close, then snatched a bag that contained the gold and mon­ey from the victim,” the commune chief said, declining to de­scribe the contents of Mr. So­phan­na’s bag, or divulge their value.

“Suddenly, the victim shouted for help, and the passenger, who was carrying the gun, pointed it at her and threatened to kill her so the victim would keep quiet,” he said, adding that a third man had been driving behind the pair in a Toy­ota Camry.

Mr. Kiheng said the bandits then split up and fled the scene but were unable to exit the city be­cause police had set up checkpoints on major roads. He said in­vestigators later discovered that the three suspects had arranged to meet at Sras Besdong restaurant, where officers arrested Mr. Heng and Tho. The driver of the Camry was gone—along with Ms. So­phanna’s bag.

“Police could not arrest the robber who had the gold, money and the guns with him, but we hope po­lice will arrest the third suspect soon be­cause the police have blocked the streets…and checked all guesthouses and houses,” he said.

Mr. Kiheng added that the ar­rested men had confessed to the armed robbery under questioning at Poipet City police station.

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