TVK Cameraman Nabbed After Encounter With Police Official

A cameraman for national television broadcaster TVK was arrested on Saturday on direct orders from Deputy National Police Chief Mok Chito for using a fake police license plate and illegally possessing a police uniform and handgun, officials said Sunday.

The arrest was made after the cameraman, who goes by the name Aun Pheap, drove past Lieutenant General Chito’s car at the Neak Leung ferry crossing in Kandal province, according to Sim Sarin, deputy police chief in Loeuk Dek district.

“We arrested Aun Pheap on Deputy National Police Chief Mok Chito’s orders after Lt. Gen. Chito saw the black Camry with a fake police license plate as the general’s car was traveling from Prey Veng province on the Neak Leung ferry,” Mr. Sarin said.

Lt. Gen. Chito’s interest was apparently piqued by the fact that the license plate on Mr. Pheap’s car bore the rare series of numbers “2 7272,” Mr. Sarin explained.

After noticing the car, he immediately called local police in Kandal and asked them to stop the vehicle and check whether the license plate was genuine.

When police stopped Mr. Pheap, they discovered that he was also unlawfully in possession of a police uniform and handgun, and had not paid the necessary taxes when he imported his car, according to provincial police chief Iv Chamroeun.

“Aun Pheap is accused of using a handgun, a police uniform with a captain rank and a police license plate, and is also accused of using a car without paying tax, and he will be sent to the Kandal Provincial Court tomorrow,” said Mr. Chamroeun.

Chey Saophea, deputy director of TVK, confirmed that Mr. Pheap was employed at the TV station. He said the cameraman was formerly a officer in the Interior Ministry’s economic police department, but had been struck from the payroll by the ministry two years ago.

“If Mr. Pheap committed all these illegal actions, he must be responsible before the law,” Mr. Saophea said.

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