TV Show’s Public Service is To Give Viewers Horoscope

Phnom Penh residents are tuning into the television these days to find out whether they are in for a good or bad day.

In a new feature, horoscopes—one for each animal year—are being read daily on TV3 following the evening news.

“If they know beforehand, people are ready and prepared,” program manager Fai Samang said, explaining that the horoscopes are not merely gimmicks or an attempt to influence viewers but also are being offered as a public service. “Our people have been developed, they can consider whether what is told is right or not,” Fai Samang said.

One Phnom Penh resident, Seang Lim, said she doesn’t pay attention, saying they are only for people having a personal crisis. “I am not impressed [by the program],” she said.

But Heng Chanthy, an Olympic Market vendor, said she uses the horoscopes to prepare for her share of daily bad news. “Yesterday the television told those of the Year of the Goat they will face bad luck and it was true because it happened that I lost $5,” Heng Chanthy said.

Another vendor, Cheng Sen, said she has only watched the program for a few days and has yet to decide whether to believe the televised horoscope or the one she reads in the newspapers. “The television told me today that people of the Year of the Goat will have money conflicts and to be cautious but when I read the newspaper…it tells that today is our good day.”

Despite these conflicting prophesies, Cheng Sen said she will continue to watch the televised horoscopes, saying, “It’s good to know and to hear what happens to us.”



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