TV Show To Highlight Value of Mekong River

A life-giving force that winds through six countries, 60 million people’s homes and countless controversies, the Mekong river is the subject of a new film from the Mekong River Commission to be aired today on national television.

The 45-minute film documents the lifestyles of people who de­pend on the river for their livelihoods, sharing their beliefs about the river and their love for the wa­ters that feed them.

“The Mother,” dubbed in Khmer, was produced by the secretariat of the Mekong River Commission with cooperation from the commission’s four mem­­ber nations of Laos, Thai­land, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The movie promotes the ideas of sustainable development and management of natural resources to protect the river, according to a statement from the commission. It also shows how a wide variety of jobs depend on the Mekong, from fishermen to boat pilots and port workers.

There is no data to show how much Cambodians benefit from the Mekong and the ecologically linked Tonle Sap lake, but the estimates are in the millions of dollars, according to Chrin Sok­ha, head of the office of Water and Soil Quality Management at the Ministry of Environment.

Still, concerns have mounted that toxic pollutants from a variety of sources may begin to foul the river.

The television premiere of the film on TVK will be at 6:25 pm today, 9:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday at an unscheduled time; it will also air Saturday at 2:40 pm on Apsara TV and at 2:30 pm on TV9.




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