TV Show Explains New Land Ownership Law

People haggling over land ownership now can turn to the television to understand their rights.

“Our Land,” a television program and cartoon book designed to teach the public about its rights under the 2001 Land Law, made its debut Friday on TVK.

Cooperating with the East-West Management Institute Inc, the Ministry of Land Manage­ment, Urban Planning and Con­struction and the Ministry of Justice aimed to make the complicated law more accessible to families struggling to regain land lost after years of war. The video and cartoon mix comedy with drama to humanize conflicts often ending in violence, expensive fines or jail time.

The first video focuses on information gathering to help people determine the lawful ownership of land. It clearly delineates be­tween ownership rights before and after the passage of the Aug 2001 law.

“This is especially important, since the new land law prohibits new occupations of land that has not been surveyed and without legal documents from competent authorities,” said Chhun Lim, Minister of the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction.

Mike Mikula, a US editorial cartoonist known for his work with the satirical US publication “Mad Magazine,” created the “Our Land” cartoon with the support of the Asian Development Bank.

“If you want to make sure that information about people’s rights… reaches them, it is important to package the information in a way that holds people’s attention,” said Eveline Fischer, ADB assistant general counsel.


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