TV Show Looking for Better Fortune

Apsara TV 11 commentator Meas Sara­vuth, who spends a lot of time interviewing people about strange and interesting events, is starting to wonder if his own Home 11 show is unlucky.

He was back on the air Thursday after a car accident put him in Calmette Hospital Tuesday. He is the third person connected with Home 11 to be injured in an accident in the past two years.

Meas Saravuth and his crew were driving to Kompong Speu province to film a piece on the alleged health-giving properties of the Phnom Oral hot springs when the car slid off the road and overturned twice.

Meas Saravuth’s left shoulder and upper right ribcage were bruised during the rollover. Thursday, his left arm was in a white sling, which contrasted sharply with his purple suit.

“I still hurt, but am better than before,” he said. He spent two days recuperating in Room 11 at Calmette Hospital, a coincidence noted by his colleague, Prom Manh.

“You [host] Home 11, and stayed at Room 11,” Prom Manh said. “From now on, we should ride in helicopters to avoid accidents.”

Two years ago, Prom Manh was hurt in a car accident, also in Kompong Speu. In February, French-Australian TV host Alain Savarell was seriously injured when his motorcycle crashed on Route 3.

Home 11 staffers, noting there is a large shade tree inside the studio compound, suggested perhaps it is time to make offerings to its spirit and ask for its protection.



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