Transparency Group to Launch Anti-Graft App

Transparency International Cambodia (T.I.) will next week launch an app for smartphones that allows users to log instances of bribery with the advocacy group.

Bribespot, the work of a team of German computer programmers, will encourage users to share details of corrupt activity in real time, which will be stored in a database by T.I.

“The app will allow people who witness corrupt activities to input who is involved, where it takes place and how much money is spent in the bribe. Then they can submit the information directly to Transparency International,” said Pech Pisey, T.I. program director.

“It gives a facility for people who are not comfortable reporting corruption to authorities.”

Users will not be required to create accounts or provide identification, however, meaning T.I. will have no way to judge if claims submitted are legitimate. Mr. Pisey said that the data will be used for advocacy purposes only, and will allow T.I. to create a map of corruption in Cambodia.

Chhay Savuth, vice chairman of the Anti-Corruption Unit, welcomed any attempts to spread messages against graft but warned that only the ACU had authority to act on complaints.

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