Tourists Deported Over Naked Temple Pics

The Siem Reap Provincial Court on Tuesday handed down suspended jail sentences to three tourists who were caught on Monday taking photographs of their naked buttocks at Ta Prohm temple inside the Angkor Archaeological Park, and ordered the trio to be deported.

Luciano Gaston Munoz and Bruno Mabrini, two 30-year-olds from Argentina and Italy, respectively, and Dutch woman Kiki Stamou, 19, became the third set of tourists to be deported this year for taking naked snaps at the landmark.

“They were charged with producing obscene pictures,” said provincial prosecutor Keut Vannareth.

He said the court handed down a suspended jail sentence of seven months for each of the male defendants and six months for the woman.

Apsara Authority spokeswoman Chau Sun Kerya said the tourists were also fined between $200 and $250 each.

“They were deported immediately today. After leaving the court, they were asked to arrange their belongings…and now they are on their way by car to Bangkok,” she said, adding that they would not be allowed back into the country for four years.

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