Tourists Can No Longer Take Elephant Rides At Angkor Wat In Cambodia Starting 2020

A 'bucket list' item for many of the kingdom's tourists, this 'once in a lifetime' experience of riding an elephant has meant a lifetime of misery for some of these wild giants.

The Cambodian government has decided that starting 2020, all elephant rides at the famed Angkor Wat temple park will be banned

An official with the Apsara Authority, which manages the Angkor archaeological complex in northern Siem Reap, said that the elephant rides “will end by the start of 2020”, reported New Straits Times.

The New Straits Times’ report cited an AFP report published on Friday, 15 November, saying that the Angkor archaeological complex attracts the bulk of the kingdom’s foreign tourists, many of whom opt for elephants rides around the ancient temples. In 2018, the number of tourists topped six million.

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