Top Law Enforcement Officials Trade Positions

The head of the oft-criticized Mu­ni­cipal Traffic Police Depart­ment has traded places with the head of the Municipal Anti-Terror­ism Bur­eau in a shake-up described as standard procedure by officials on Sun­day.

At a ceremony at the Municipal Police Headquarters on Friday, it was announced that Tin Prasoeur, di­rector of the anti-terrorism bureau, would trade places with Kim Yidet of the traffic police, and both are ex­pected to begin in their new positions today.

Contacted Sunday, both Tin Pra­so­eur and Kim Yidet said the move was normal, but did not provide further explanation.

Kim Yidet said he was not disappointed with the swap, and added that he did not know how to evaluate his track record after three years as traffic police chief.

He noted that the number of traffic accidents had gone up in recent years, a development he blamed on people not respecting the traffic laws. Kim Yidet also had praise for his officers.

“Some people just criticize our po­lice. I really feel pity on my officers. They work very hard,” he added.

He added that he had several years of experience working with in­ter­nal security issues within the mu­ni­cipality, which he hopes will qualify him for the new anti-terrorism position.

Tin Prasoeur said working with the traffic police department would be complicated, but added that he had some relevant experience from his time as Russei Keo district police chief.

He also vowed to try to improve the image of his new department.

“I will examine and make chang­es in the ethics, speech and discipline of the traffic police. Our highest priority is the image of the na­tion,” he said.

President of the Center for Social De­velopment Chea Vannath said the credibility of the traffic police is ex­tremely low.

“I hope things will improve be­cause complaints about the [traffic police’s] behavior is everywhere. I hope they take this opportunity to make things better,” she said.


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