Time to formalize daycare in Cambodia

The Cambodian state has taken responsibility for providing preschool education with a two-to-three-hour session per school day to some children aged between three an six years old, but there is no concrete plan or budget for public daycare.

At the same time, some non-profit institutions have initiated affordable daycare services to respond to the needs of people from low socio-economic backgrounds. During my PhD fieldwork in early 2018, I observed these affordable daycare services provided by some non-profit institutions, including preschools and ministries. Drawing on these services, I suggest that preschool and state institutional daycare are a good start for public daycare in Cambodia. But before any discussion on these options, we need to unravel some relevant legal and policy frameworks.

In full: https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/03/opinion/time-to-formalize-daycare-in-cambodia/

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