Three Tourists Deported for Naked Motorbike Ride

Three foreign tourists arrested Thursday for riding motorbikes naked around the countryside were deported from Cambodia on Saturday, immigration police said Sunday.

However, because the trio was already scheduled to leave the country on Saturday, police simply made sure they got on their original return flight and barred them from visiting Cambodia in the future.

“We sent them out on Saturday after getting approval from the [Interior] Ministry,” said Uk Heisela, chief of investigations at the ministry’s immigration department. The three tourists—Catarina Aarnio of Finland, Giancarlo Allocca of Italy and Crawford Brown, a British national—were arrested on Thursday after their naked joyride took them past a police station in rural Kandal province.

“They explained that they wanted to link themselves closely to nature and had no intention of causing any problems,” he said.

“They said sorry and that they don’t know Cambodian law.” Maj. Gen. Heisela added that they had been banned from returning to the country “because they committed a pornographic act in public, and this affected our national culture and tradition.”

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