Three Officers Warned Over Beating of Man Recorded in Viral Video

Three unnamed police officers in Phnom Penh received a written warning from the capital’s police chief this week after they were seen kicking and hitting a man in a widely shared social media video, which rights experts said warranted further investigation and potential consequences for the officers.

Multiple videos — which were posted to Facebook by user Phon Nary as early as Monday, as well as shared widely on the social network and covered in local news media — depict three men in plain clothes attempting to restrain a man, who was accused by police of buying drugs, and beating him in the process.

In videos shared on Phon Nary’s page, the beaten man is lifted into the air by officers and dropped to the ground. One man kicks the fallen man while another slaps him in the face. As the trio of officers hit the fourth man, he cries out, “Don’t beat me, I don’t know,” and later, “oh, my neck is broken!”

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