Three Chinese Slain at Home; Police Blame Business Dispute

Three Chinese citizens, including a pregnant woman, were stabbed and shot to death early Wed­­nesday morning at their Street 141 house, Prampi Makara district police Chief Yim Simony said.

Police identified the dead as Vong Jei Minh, 49, the father of vict­im Vong Chhei Yang, 20, and un­cle of victim Chen Saev Kven, 33, who was four months pregnant.

The victims were discovered at 10:30 am by a business client of the family, who arrived for a meeting and found the front gate locked with a padlock and a key laying on the ground nearby.

The client unlocked the gate and found the bodies inside, po­lice said. Autopsy results showed that the victims probably were slain around 3 am.

The pregnant woman was found on the ground floor near the stairs; her cousin was in the ground floor bathroom, police said.

Vong Jei Minh was found up­stairs with stab wounds and a bullet wound to his head. He is be­lieved to be from Chongqing pro­vince in China and had imported plastic toys from that area for re­sale in Cambodia.

The police said they are investigating the deaths and believe they were tied to a robbery or business dispute, according to Yim Si­mo­ny and prosecutor Ngeth Sa­reth.

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