Three Arrested for Trafficking Cambodian Brides to China

Municipal anti-human trafficking police arrested three suspects in the past two days for allegedly sending at least four Cambodian women to marry men in China over the past year.

Municipal anti-human trafficking police chief Keo Thea said one of the four Cambodian women sent to China returned on Tuesday after being stopped by Chinese police at an airport there on Sunday.

“Chinese police stopped her at the airport,” he said, noting she was lost and asked police for help. “When Chinese police sent her back to Cambodia, the suspects found out and demanded $10,000 from her” to recover the cost of arranging her travel and marriage in China.

“The suspects admitted that since last year they have trafficked three women to marry Chinese men,” Mr. Thea added.

Mr. Thea said the whereabouts of three other women sent to China remain unknown and referred further questions to Mok Daren, a municipal anti-human trafficking police officer involved in the case.

Mr. Daren said after the three suspects demanded $10,000 from the woman who returned to Cambodia on Tuesday, she filed a complaint with police.

“On Tuesday morning, we got a complaint from the woman accusing the suspects of trafficking her to China,” Mr. Daren said. “After we got the complaint, we arrested one female suspect on Tuesday afternoon for questioning and this morning we arrested two more suspects.”

Mr. Daren identified the woman who returned from China as Khoeun Am, 21, formerly a garment worker in Phnom Penh, and the three suspects as Chan Dy, 26; Boeun Soklin, 33; and Chor Chhorn, 38.

Mr. Daren said the suspects gave $1,000 to the family of Ms. Am in exchange for her agreeing to go to China.

“When the victim arrived in China, the family of the victim had to pay the suspects back between $300 to $400 for the service,” he added.

The three suspects are being detained at the municipal anti-human trafficking bureau, Mr. Daren said.

“Tomorrow we will send them to municipal court to be charged.”

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