Thirty-Six Still Ill After Eating Tainted Sandwiches

Thirty-six villagers remained hospitalized Monday afternoon after about 800 fell ill on Saturday from eating tainted sandwiches distributed at a World Vision event in Siem Reap province’s Chi Kreng district, officials said.

Authorities have yet to identify the exact cause of the food poisoning and NGO staff have remained in the district to monitor the situation.

“There were still 36 people staying at the district and provincial referral hospitals to get treatment while those who have recovered have gone back to their homes,” district governor Pov Bunthoeun said Monday.

Channpheaktra Hong, public relations officer for World Vision, said the organization met with Health Ministry officials on Sunday to discuss the source of the contamination.

“The government wanted to know how the food was processed and whether it was stored for too long,” Mr. Hong said.

Samples of the sandwiches, supplied by a local youth group that raises money by catering events, were sent to Phnom Penh to be tested by police on Sunday.

Provincial police chief Sort Nady said police were still awaiting the results.

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