There’s a Dark Reason Why Cambodia Reenacts its Brutal Genocide Every Year

The ruling party uses the memory of the Khmer Rouge for political gain – by constantly reminding Cambodians to pay homage to the politicians who helped end the killings.

Khmer Rouge cadres stomped around in black and red, waving AK-47s in an open field filled with smoke. They barked orders while torturing and executing sobbing civilians who begged for their lives. Limp bodies were strewn across the grass.

The scenes were of horror and brutality. A family of three was executed one at a time with a knife, including a small child. Another family was violently separated, the father dragged into the woods by his hair and never seen again.

All this took place just last week, at Choeung Ek, Phnom Penh’s Killing Fields, on May 20 – as it does every year.

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