The U.S. Disappointed by Cambodia’s Destruction of Naval Facility

As Ream Naval Base attracts more international attention over China’s alleged use of the base, the US offers to play a larger role in Cambodia’s development and calls for dialogue.

The US administration on Wednesday (Oct. 7) expressed its disappointment over Cambodia’s demolition of the US-funded maritime security facility. The US Embassy in Cambodia also called for more dialogue to find possible areas for cooperation in the Ream Naval Base’s infrastructure development.

“We are disappointed that Cambodian military authorities have chosen to demolish a maritime security facility that is only seven years old and was a sign of US-Cambodia relations,” said Chad Roedemeier, Information Officer at Embassy of the United States of America in Cambodia, in an email.

Roedemeier reiterated that the US remains concerns by the possible hosting of Chinese military assets and personnel at Ream Naval Base.

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