The Shop’s Cafe Pizzazz Spreads to Tuol Kok

The Shop, the popular lunchtime fixture on Street 240, is opening a second location in Tuol Kok district on Saturday.

Geert Vanbaelen, operations manager of The Shop, said the new location, named The Shop Too, on Street 337 is almost four times larger than the current restaurant and will include garden space and two dining areas that about doubles the seats available at the 240 location from 30 to nearly 60.

“There aren’t that many restaurants and bakeries in Tuol Kok, which is developing very quickly,” he said about the decision to open up a new location.

He added the new location will combine the restaurant and The Chocolate Shop, the Shop’s sweet shop, into one place. The space will also allow The Shop to host events.

Not only will the full menu, which includes salads, soups and sandwiches, be available at the new location, Mr Vanaelen said pizzas will also be offered.

Although the new location is on the outskirts of the city, Mr Vanaelen said the restaurant hopes to attract the commuter crowd as they make their way into the city in the morning and a lunch crowd as well as Tuol Kok residents who do not want to travel into the city center during the weekend.

Owner Griet Lorre said the plans to expand into the distant district were started around May of last year when The Shop’s main kitchen was moved to a large house in the area. Every day food is moved from the Tuol Kok house to the 240 restaurant, she added.

Tuol Kok is now filling with an abundance of houses, apartment complexes, businesses offices but “strangely enough there is very little variety out here,” Ms Lorre said. “The area is developing and we believe in it.”

Although The Shop is expanding, Ms Lorre said her approach will stay the same with a concentration on high quality in general for The Shop.

“Our philosophy is a personal approach to our food, our service, everything,” she said. “An honest price for honest food.”


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