The Rock Thrown at Me Was Big and I Know Who Threw It

I am writing to correct the article “Boeng Kak Factions Brawl Over Police Base” (June 30, page 1). On June 28, my Boeng Kak community gathered and went to the military base construction site in Boeng Kak, which is on an area that is part of a dispute between a company and 40 families that remains unresolved.

When my community and I arrived at the military base construction site at about 3 p.m., there was also another group with about six people who cursed me and pushed me and also tried to throw big, solid rocks at me until I sustained an injury to my head. I saw clearly the face of the person who threw the rock at me.

It is my great disappointment that The Cambodia Daily newspaper published that small rocks were thrown at me and I did not know who threw them at me. It is a great injustice for me because I did not commit violence on any person in any way. I only protect houses and land.

Nget Khun, Boeng Kak community representative

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