Thais To Deport Hundreds of Illegal Laborers

Thai immigration police apprehended 251 Cambodians in an illegal-alien dragnet last week, ac­cording to a Thai news report.

The Bangkok Post reported Friday that the Cambodians, along with 195 Laotians and 125 Burmese, had failed to apply for Thai work permits and were round­ed up after a July 31 deadline.

The Cambodians will be repatriated en masse through the border checkpoint at Poipet in Ban­teay Meanchey province, The Post reported.

But Banteay Meanchey border of­ficials said Monday that they had yet to receive notice from the Thais about the 251 Cambodians being sent back.

However, Pich Saron, immigration police chief in Poipet, said Mon­day that Thai officials frequently deport Cambodians who lack proper documentation.

“At least 20 people are sent back each day” through the Poi­pet border, he said.

“Everyday we receive our people who are sneaking into Thai­land for illegal working and begging, because our people have no jobs to do in Cambodia. They will go back to Thailand again,” the immigration police chief said.

O’Chrou District Police Chief Noth Ly said Monday that Thai bor­der authorities deported 850 Cam­bodian men, 179 women and 70 children last week.

Most of them returned from jobs on sugar farms or construction sites, he said.

Noth Ly added that many Cam­bodians are duped into crossing the Thai border by human traffickers who promise good pay but later cheat them.

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