Thais angry after British Ambassador to Cambodia posts ‘Khmer dessert’ photo

Thais are not happy with the British Ambassador to Cambodia. Ambassador Dominic Williams posted a photo on Facebook earlier this week with the caption “Khmer dessert.”

However, Thais believe the sweets pictured in the photo are Thai desserts. The desserts include a mung bean sweet called luk chup, a coconut pudding called Taco, a mung bean sweet called med kanun, an egg yolk tart called Khanom tong yip, and an egg yolk tart called tong yord.

Angry Thai netizens gave Williams a piece of their minds. They pointed out that a woman named Marie Guimar, who was of Japanese, Portuguese, and Bengali descent, invented Khanom tong yip and other egg yolk-based desserts in Thailand during the Ayutthaya period.

In full:

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