Thai Rat Hunters Sent Back to Thailand

Seven Thai men were briefly ar­rested on Thursday after they crossed the border into Banteay Mean­chey province while hunting for rats, police said.

The seven Thais had driven their motorbikes across the border to search for rats and other small animals somewhere between O’Chrou and Malai districts, according to provincial po­lice chief Ath Khem.

Although locals casually crossing back and forth over the border are usually tol­erated to some extent, the sev­en rat hunters delved too far into Cambodia, leading to their arrest, Mr. Khem said.

“Police arrested them because they came far deep­er into Cambodia than is normal,” he said.

After being questioned by provincial police, the seven were released without punishment and told to return to Thailand immediately.

“People on both sides cross the border to go hunting every day, but they cannot come in so far without official documents,” he said.

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