Thai Official Pledges to Help Migrant Workers

Cambodia’s ambassador to Thai­land has met with the head of Thailand’s employment department to ask that Thai authorities stop arresting Cambodian migrant workers who possess only temporary work permits, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tuesday.

Sumet Mahosot, director general of Thailand’s employment department, agreed to tell Thai police to stop arresting Cambodian migrant workers during a meeting with Ambassador Eat Sophea in Bangkok, according to the statement.

Ms. Sophea also said that migrants who were not currently working should still be supported by the companies that recruited them to take jobs in Thailand, a request that was “accepted” by Mr. Mahosot.

According to the statement, Mr. Mahosot and Ms. Sophea discussed the case of 117 Cambodian workers who were recruited by the Elite Manpower agency to work for the Sun Fuji company in Thailand, but had not yet been able to begin work.

The statement said they would be provided with lodging and food until jobs became available for them.

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