Thai Company Proposes Parking Lot Plan

After Phnom Penh City Hall announced last month that bus stations must be moved outside the city by next year, a Thai company put forward a proposal on Tuesday to invest in bus parking lots on the city’s outskirts, according to the municipality.

City Hall held a meeting with bus companies on August 20 to discuss its upcoming ban on heavy vehicles transporting goods or people within city limits, a measure meant to ease traffic jams.

“Now there is one logistics company that wants to invest [in a parking lot] but we asked them to do more technical research,” said deputy municipal governor Ieng Aunny.

During Tuesday’s meeting, he said representatives of the company, Nattakan Cambodia, sketched out a plan on a blank piece of paper to use a plot of land in Russei Keo district’s Kilometr Pram Muoy commune.

“We had to ask them: What types of vehicles can be parked there? How will the buses arrive at the parking lot?” Mr. Aunny said.

“We haven’t decided yet how far from the city center the parking lots will have to be, but they will all have entrances on the national roads heading into the city,” he said.

Staff at Nattakan Cambodia said they could not comment, and that their boss was in Thailand.

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