Thai Artist Expresses Creativity Through His Robotic Creations

For Thai artist Jitti Jumnianwai, painting robots transports him to the fantasy world of his childhood in which there was no constraint of time or space. When he was a child, he said, “Spaceships and robots were my favorite items.

“Thinking of them frees my soul, makes me feel that there is no boundary between reality and imagination,” he said. “I always feel that in space, there is no time or limitations on one’s life. And once there is no time, there is no past or future: All things are combined together.”

Mr Jitti’s work is being shown in the exhibition “Robots” opening tonight at The 240 Gallery on Street 240, which now serves as Chinese House’s exhibition venue.

In one of his acrylic paintings, countless friendly looking robots outlined in white seem to brightly walk out of the blackness of space, some of them highlighted in pale blue, green or mauve. In another work, they seem to be dropping from outer space, black-and-white dots appearing in Earth’s blue sky.

Born in northern Thailand, Mr Jitti studied at Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Fine Arts before relocating to Bangkok. His work has been exhibited in Tokyo and Shanghai in addition to featuring in several solo and groups shows in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. “I never picture my work in my brain,” Mr Jitti said. “Rather, it’s my feeling that gets transferred from my brain to my work: My body is only the medium.”

The exhibition opens at 6 pm and will run through March.





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