Textile Union Asks Ministry To Intervene

The president of the Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers sent three separate letters to three factories this week accusing them of trying to intimidate union members and asked the Minis­try of So­cial Affairs to stop factories from dis­criminating against unions, CCAW President Chhorn Sokha said Monday.

Letters were addressed to SNG Cambodia Co Ltd, Splendid Change International Ltd and Jacq Sen Tex Garment Factory in Russei Keo district.

One letter written by SNG Cam­bodia Co Ltd union members stated that Kuth Saren, Hang Buny Nhoun Panha, Prog Thida and Terth Heng were suspended on Dec 17 without just cause.

“We think that the factory tried to annoy the union activities and abuse union freedom,” the letter stated.

Another letter written by union members Kim Yung, Sorn Mean, and Ly Bun Sao of Splendid Change International, Ltd claims they were fired Jan 4 for organizing a union election in September.

“We have worked for the company for many years. The stopping action shows that the factory discriminated against the freedom of the union,” the letter said.

Chhorn Sokha said Monday that the factories’ actions must be considered intimidating and discriminatory. “This is a new system factories use to discriminate and [work] against the union.”

Splendid Change spokesman Sou Sarin said Monday that the three union members weren’t fired for unionizing, but rather for individual faults.

He accused the three union members of intimidating factory workers to join the unions. He also alleged that the union leaders charged workers 1,000 riel per month to join the union.

“The factory’s firing of those people wasn’t related to the union. It was related to the individual only,” Sou Sarin said.

The Jacq Sen Tex Garment Fac­to­ry also was accused of wrong­ful­ly firing a worker, a charge denied Monday by a factory official.

The official said slow business forced management to lay off the workers.

, and that recent labor demonstrations have discouraged US companies from buying their goods.

I paid them all compensation to stop working and added $200 more.

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