Teens Admit Beating Scavenger to Death

Two teenagers were arrested Saturday for beating a homeless scavenger to death and burning his corpse after he failed to repay a loan of about $12, police said Sunday.

Police in Phnom Penh’s Pur Sen­chey district arrested Bun Veng, 19, and Chan Chamroeun, 15, for the murder of a man called Ngor, whose family name is not known, who had worked as a beggar and scavenger in the area. 

Both men confessed to the crime and said they had been angry with Ngor over the money and because he would not share drugs and a pair of shoes with them, said district police chief Yim Sarann.

“They confessed that they beat the man with a wooden stick to death and burned the body because he did not pay back 50,000 riel [$12.50] and share shoes and glue with him.”

Two locals found the body, charred beyond recognition, in the empty lot where he was killed.

“Mr. Sarann added that police are collecting funds to provide a funeral for the man. The two suspects will appear before the municipal court today to face charges.

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