Taxi Driver Seeks Compensation From Police

A taxi driver has de­mand­ed com­pensation from a Kan­dal pro­vince deputy police chief, accused of causing him physical injury and confiscating his motorbike following a collision last month, provincial court officials said.

Motorbike taxi driver Duong Chan­ty, 52, said he has met twice with Kan­­dal provincial and Tak­h­mau dis­­trict police officials since fi­ling the charges Oct 6 against Kan­dal Deputy police Chief Tom Vai.

According to Duong Chanty, on Sept 19, Tom Vai struck his mo­torcycle from behind as he rounded the traffic circle that joins National Routes 2 and 21 in Takh­mau town. Duong Chanty said after he was knocked from his mo­torcycle, Tom Vai got out from his police car and stepped on his injured leg and threatened to beat him if he didn’t get up. Duong Chanty’s motorcycle was con­fiscated and is being held by po­lice until compensation is paid.

Duong Chanty said last week he would drop the charges if Tom Vai pays him $1,500, in­cluding compensation for medical treatment. He said he has not fully recovered, and his injuries prevent him from working.

Chheng Phath, Kandal pro­vincial court prosecutor, said   both parties will be summoned for questioning.



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