Taiwanese Police Claim Triad Killer Trained in Cambodia

Cambodian police said Mon­day they need information from Tai­wan before looking into claims that a hit man who allegedly gunned down a Taipei city coun­cil­or last month was trained in as­sas­sination techniques in Cambo­dia.

Taiwanese police issued an ar­rest warrant for the alleged gunman, nicknamed “Ah Tai,” on Sat­urday in connection with the hit on councilor Chen Chin-Chi, who was shot at close range outside a Tai­­­pei restaurant on Nov 23, the China Post reported Satur­day.

Ah Tai was a member of the Taiyang (Sun) gang and “had been to Cambodian three times to receive training as an assassin,” the Post quoted Taiwanese police as saying.

Cambodia’s Interior Ministry Headquarters Chief Mao Chan­dara said he was unaware of the killing or Ah Tai’s alleged links to Cambodia’s murky underworld.

Taiwan must make contact with Cambodian authorities if an in­vestigation is to take place, Mao Chandara said.

“If the Taiwanese want to arrest that man, they need to cooperate with the Ministry of Interior. Until now I have no information about the killer,” he said.

Local and international police officials say Cambodia is a fav­ored spot for members of Chi­nese crime syndicates, who are assured of immunity from the law—if they keep a low profile.

In October, Taiwanese police ar­rested 17 alleged members of the Heaven’s Way Alliance—a Taiyang branch—on charges of smashing up the Taiwan offices of a Hong Kong-based magazine.

The Taiyang branch was put under police surveillance after one of the gang’s reputed leaders, who reportedly lives in Cambo­dia, sent a letter to Taiwan media hinting the group was responsible for the attack, the South Chi­na Morning Post reported.

Prime Minister Hun Sen vowed to curb triad gang activities in 2000. Police said they were in­volved in kidnappings and the killing of a Taiwanese businessman.

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