Taiwanese Men Sentenced to 20 Years for Possession of Ecstasy

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Monday sentenced two Taiwanese men to 20 years in prison for possession and use of Ecstasy following their arrest at a hotel in January, and ordered their deportation upon completion of their jail terms.

A third Taiwanese man involved in the case was sentenced to a year in prison for use of the synthetic party drug.

According to police, Lin Luy Chi, 33, and Wupo Tsang, 29, were arrested on January 23 at the Phnom Penh Hotel in Daun Penh district, where they had just picked up a plastic bag containing some 3,000 grams of Ecstacy with the intention of moving it to the nearby Asia Hotel, where they had been staying with the third man, Chen Yung Lin.

Presiding Judge Keo Mony announced in court Monday that Mr. Lin and Mr. Wupo had been sentenced to 20 years in prison and fined 60 million riel (about $15,000) each, while Mr. Chen would be imprisoned for a year.

“The court orders Lin Luy Chi, Wupo Tsang, and Chen Yung Lin to be deported from the Kingdom of Cambodia after they complete their sentences,” Judge Mony said.

During the November 19 trial, Mr. Lin said that a friend in Taiwan had called him and instructed him to pick up a plastic bag from a Cambodian man and drop it off in a room at the Phnom Penh Hotel. Because he was busy gambling at a casino, Mr. Lin said, he asked Mr. Wupo to carry out the task.

“I did not know what was inside the package,” Mr. Lin said during the trial, adding that when his friend in Taiwan called again a few days later to say that he could not make it to Cambodia to retrieve the bag, he and Mr. Wupo went back to the hotel to move it to the Asia Hotel, at which point they were arrested by police.

Mr. Lin and Mr. Wupo, who also denied knowing the contents of the bag, said they were then forced to lead police back to their room at the Asia Hotel, where Mr. Chen was also arrested.

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