Taiwanese Influencer Tricked By Cambodian Job Scam & Was Raped 9 Times In A Week

Recently, there have been plenty of cases about job scams. The scam targets people who look for jobs online by promising them a lucrative salary in a seemingly nice location. Unfortunately, reality is far from what they promise. Their victims usually end up in a different location and are forced into indentured services.

Many have fallen victim to them, such as this Malaysian woman. Although she managed to escape with minimal injuries, others have not been as lucky. In fact, it was recently discovered that a Taiwanese influencer suffered a similar fate. Not only were they tricked into working in Cambodia, they were also sexually assaulted.

A member of the Global Anti-Scam Organisation (GASO) recently shared the influencer’s experience. According to them, the influencer had gotten introduced to a job in Cambodia. They had set off for the job. However, upon arriving in Cambodia, everything went wrong.

In full: https://hype.my/2022/287903/taiwanese-influencer-cambodian-job-scam-rape/

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