Taiwanese Factory Protest Arises Over Fired Unionists

About 500 workers from a Taiwanese-owned footwear factory in Takeo province on Wednesday continued a weeklong protest that began when the company fired five workers for attempting to unionize, workers and officials said.

Nearly 2,000 of I-Cheng (Cambodia) Corporation’s more than 2,500 workers went on strike May 20, a day after the factory, located in Bati district, fired five representatives of the Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers Democratic Union (CCAWDU).

Pet Lina, 31, one of the fired unionists, said the strike on would continue until the factory rehired them and allowed them to unionize.

“We are workers, we have the right to create a union in the factory,” she said.

Provincial labor department official Hun Kimhong said he and the department’s director met with factory and CCAWDU representatives on Monday.

“We are trying to find a resolution for both sides,” he said.

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