Taiwan gangs help rescue victims of Cambodian human trafficking

Taiwan gangs ready to assist government’s effort to bring swindled nationals home.

Gangs in Taiwan have surprisingly played a part in the nationwide scramble to get citizens home from the human traffic rings centered in Cambodia.

Wu Tung-tan, a leader of the Heavenly Way Alliance, one of Taiwan’s three major organized gangs, told Up Media that the country’s gangs including the Bamboo Union are ramping up efforts to help rescue citizens tricked overseas to engage in scam activities. A purge is also underway within the gangs to prevent members from participating in the rackets, he added.

According to one member involved in the rescue effort, all they need is the name of the victim. The organizations have their own way of pinpointing and bringing out the individual in the Southeast Asian country through the assistance of “local friends” without running into much trouble as long as the victim is “still alive.”

In full: https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4642915

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