S’ville Rations Tap Water To Counter Drought

In an effort to conserve Si­ha­nouk­ville’s dwindling water supply, authorities have cut residents’ ac­­cess to tap water, making it available only 12 hours a day, officials said Sunday.

“We think there is a big problem because we can’t supply the water according to demand,” said Prak Chan Roeun, director of Si­ha­noukville’s Industry Mines and Energy Department.

“The demand is 6,000 cubic meters of water per day, but we can provide only 2,500 cubic meters per day,” he said.

Prak Chan Roeun blamed the shortage on a particularly hot and dry season and the mu­nicipality’s rapidly growing population.

He said the shortage has not af­fected the price of water in the mu­nicipality, but residents have been informed to use water conservatively.

“Our residents understand this so some of them have reduced [their use of water] by not watering their flowers,” he said.

Chheng Lyly, owner of Ly Ly restaurant in Sihanoukville, confirmed Sunday that tap water is now available only in the morning and that she has had to contract a supply to cover her business’s needs.

“I used to spend only $25 per month on water but now I spend about $5 for one truck of water per day,” Chheng Lyly said.




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