SUV Fleeing Minor Crash Seriously Injures Woman

An SUV smashed into a motorbike and seriously injured a woman on Phnom Penh’s Sihanouk Boulevard early Thursday while fleeing the scene of a minor accident, police said.

According to Sem Kunthea, deputy municipal traffic police chief, a black Lexus clipped a stationary Toyota Camry at around 1 a.m. near Lucky Supermarket before smashing into a motorbike carrying three people.

“I went to a private hospital and saw the injured people there, but the suspect had run away,” Mr. Kunthea said.

“The car that caused the accident…hit a car that was parked on the road, damaging its left mirror,” he said.

“The car did not stop and continued driving until it hit a motorbike carrying two women and a man.”

Pictures of the crash posted online show a bespectacled man climbing out of the Lexus, which had flipped onto its side.

Kimchan Rachana Pichsreyneang, 18, and Keo Rattana, 19, were slightly injured, Mr. Kunthea said, while a third victim, Chea Sreyleak, was seriously injured and sent to a private hospital, he said.

Police are investigating the accident, he added.

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