Suspect, Reason Sought for Acid Attack on Woman, 19

On a bed at Calmette Hospital, Ry Rom, 19, wonders who would be so angry that they would be driven to disfigure her in a painful acid attack.

Ry Rom said she has no enemies and cannot understand why a man splashed her with acid Friday, burning her forehead, eye, ears and chest.

“I have never had any quarrel with anyone,” she said.

No arrests have been made in the attack, which occurred in Tuol Sangke commune, Russei Keo district.

Ry Rom, speaking from her hospital bed, said a young man she never saw before drove a mo­torcycle back and forth in the red-light district of Street 70 before he attacked her as she stood outside a brothel, waving at passing mo­tor­ists, at about 8 pm.

At first she thought she had been splashed with water, but the acid quickly ate threw her clothes and bra, burning her skin. Her cries for help were heard by her husband, Nguon Phana, 21, who ran to her and hugged her from the front, she said. She quickly pushed him away, but he was burned slightly on his waist and his left hand.

On Tuesday, Ry Rom’s neck was bandaged and her right eye was reddened from burns. Her husband sat nearby trying to relieve her pain with an FM radio he held near her head, playing songs for her.

The victim did not provide enough details about the attacker to help police develop any leads, district police officials said.

A wave of acid attacks gripped the country early last year after a high-profile attack against kara­oke singer Tat Marina. Soon after the media reported on the case, similar attacks were reported throughout the country.

No arrests have been made in the Tat Marina case, despite allegations that Khoun Sophal, wife of former government adviser Svay Sitha, ordered the attack after she learned of an affair be­tween her husband and the singer.


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