Supreme Court Delays Chhouk Bundith Hearing

The Supreme Court on Tuesday postponed the case of former Bavet City Governor Chhouk Bundith, who is still on the run after being found guilty of shooting into a crowd of protesting garment workers in 2012 and injuring three people.

Kong Srim, the presiding judge and the court’s deputy director, said Mr. Bundith’s lawyers requested the hearing be rescheduled because they were too busy to attend.

“We postponed the [hearing]…because Chhouk Bundith’s lawyers are busy, as they said they just recently received the summons,” Mr. Srim said, adding that the court had not yet set a new date.

Mr. Bundith’s whereabouts remain unknown. In November, his lawyers rejected a decision by the Court of Appeal to uphold a Svay Rieng Provincial Court verdict in June 2013 that found him guilty in absentia.

The provincial court sentenced the ex-governor to 18 months in prison and ordered him to pay a total of $9,500 to the three women he shot.

The victims also appealed to the Supreme Court, saying the sentence was too lenient.

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