Supposed Role Models Should Demonstrate Common Decency

The article “KRT Chief Marks 6 Years On ‘Sick Leave’” (December 13) highlights a major problem in Cambodia: the failure of supposed role models to live to up to minimal expectations for Cambodians.

Firstly, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia’s allowing a staff member to take [six] years of sick leave is outrageous. It basically means employing a staff member to do nothing for [six] years, which is longer than even the government mandate.

Secondly, Sean Visoth’s sexist remark, saying he would only talk with a single and beautiful female journalist, is unacceptable. In his various capacities as head of the Khmer Rouge tribunal, director-general of Apsara TV and as an adult, he has failed to demonstrate the common decency expected from all individuals.

Unfortunately, these moral failures are commonplace and it is no surprise that a recent survey reported that most Cambodians are cynical about the country’s future.

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