Supermarket to Open Friday

Add one more imported-goods grocery store to Phnom Penh’s business list.

Coming Friday, the City Top Super Market inside the Inter­continental Hotel will be open to customers every day.

An informal survey done by The Cambodia Daily last August showed competition heating up between the capital’s supermarkets. At least one, 7/7, closed down last year saying it was unable to keep up financially with larger markets like Lucky Market on Sihanouk Boulevard—especially after many foreigners left following factional fighting in the capital in July 1997.

But City Top General Manager Yang Boony thinks his market will have what it takes to compete. The 110-square-meter market will be the first to use a bar code scanner at the cash register instead of simply punching prices in, Yang Boony said.

He also hopes to have more special prices on goods, but will charge the 10 percent Value-Added Tax on purchases. Lucky Market and others in the city have not started charging VAT.

“I will sell at cheap prices because I need more local people as customers,” Yang Boony said.


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