Sun Bear Legs Among Haul of Meat Seized in Battambang

A man was arrested in Battambang province’s Samlot district on Wednesday in possession of 30 kg of meat from endangered animals, including three sun bear legs, a local official said Thursday.

Meat from sun bear, civet and deer—all of which are illegal to hunt in Cambodia—was found inside a cooler at the Sung commune home of Din Nang, 37, according to Chhay Nareth, chief of the Forestry Administration in Samlot district.

He said Mr. Nang was arrested during a raid on his house conducted by forestry officials and military police. “We confiscated 15 kg of deer meat, 7 kg of civet meat and 8 kg from three sun bear legs,” Mr. Nareth said.

“Those…are rare species and people are hunting them every day. So we sent the suspect to Battambang Provincial Court to be punished.”

Deputy district military police commander Try Cheat said Mr. Nang had been suspected for illegally selling bushmeat for months, buying the meat from hunters who killed the animals.

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