Stung Treng Governor Replaced, Sent to Phnom Penh

Stung Treng provincial governor Kol Sam Ol said on Tuesday that he had been replaced by his deputy, Mom Saroeun, and sent to work at the Interior Ministry in Phnom Penh.

Contacted after a ceremony to appoint Mr. Saroeun, which was presided over by Interior Minister Sar Kheng in Stung Treng City, Mr. Sam Ol, 58, said he had not yet been told what his new job would be.

“My deputy governor, Mom Saroeun, was appointed as the governor and I was transferred to the Interior Ministry.  I do not know yet what my position is but I am now waiting for the appointment,” he said, refusing to say whether his reassignment was a demotion.

Duong Pov, another deputy provincial governor, however, said his erstwhile superior had not been demoted and was only being transferred to Phnom Penh because he was nearing retirement age.

“I wish to state the appointment for the new governor is the policy of the government, because they need to reshuffle [officials],” he said. “His Excellency Kol Sam Ol is 58 years old, so the government transferred him to assist in work for the Interior Ministry.”

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