Students Mark Star’s Funeral, Delay Protest During Star’s Funeral

Students postponed a protest Sunday to highlight border issues and instead attended the cremation of actress and traditional dancer Piseth Peaklica at the School of Fine Arts.

Ros Bunthy, a student representative, said he and his group decided to reschedule the demonstration for this morning. The group had planned to march from the Institute of Technology to the embassies of Vietnam and Laos to protest alleged border encroachments.

“We suspended the protest for the cremation of Mrs Piseth Peaklica, because she represents Cambodian culture,” Ros Bunthy said.

Piseth Peaklica was shot on July 6 by unknown assailants and died of her wounds July 13.

Students called for the speedy arrest of the killers and those who are behind the attack.

“Every Khmer must stand up together to protect and maintain our culture and territorial integrity,” Ros Bunthy said.

Before proceeding to the Fine Arts School from the technology institute, about 30 students gathered Sunday morning in front of police and military police. Re­presentatives read statements of mourning. They then brought a large wreath to the cremation.

Another student protest of border disputes happened without incident on July 1 at the Thai Embassy.

At that protest, a Thai diplomat affirmed that Thailand “has no intention of taking even the smallest part of land.”

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